A Unique Perspective On Nanoemulsion & CBD


Nanoemulsion was developed as a way to improve the delivery method of medications, as smaller particles are absorbed into the body faster, and more effectively. The larger the molecule, the more difficult it is for your system to absorb the product, reach your bloodstream, and provide results. The smaller the particle, the more bioavailable it is for your body. Bioavailability is defined as the speed at which a drug or product is absorbed or made available in your system.


To create these small particles, a method of nanoemulsion must be used. In this process, energy is applied to oil and water, along with an emulsifying agent to break down the larger sized particles. From there, emulsification can be created from using high or low energy in stirring, applied pressure, ultrasonic energy, a patented mixing technology, temperature changes, and several others. The nano droplets are then run through a series of tests to ensure its size, product content, water-solubility, and pH. 


Our nanoemulsion CBD is water-soluble and highly effective due to the increased absorption rates. This enables the product to absorb into the bloodstream faster for ingested products. The NCBI states that each droplet of a nanoemulsion product is 20–200 nanometers in size.


At millie, we have smaller nanoemulsion oil droplets at 25 nanometers compared to the industry average, meaning that our product is more bioavailable in your system, requiring less product for maximum effects. 

Another feature of this type of nanoemulsion is the ability to adhere better to the carrier oil, so the product doesn't separate. For even faster absorption rates our softgels are recommended, which are four-times higher than oil tinctures.


We currently have two soft gel products, one that support joints and inflammation with added curcumin, and one that is a natural sleep aid with added melatonin. The nanoemulsion CBD once ingested will reach your bloodstream quickly, providing maximum results where you need it most. 


*The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 




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