CBD & Alcohol

Some of the top beer, wine, and alcohol companies are joining in on the latest CBD trends, launching a number of CBD-infused beverages. Before you do a tasting of your own on these latest products, let’s look at the current facts, provided from a number of studies and research on the subject matter.


CBD has been found to protect your liver from damage while consuming alcoholic beverages according to several studies, and although consuming CBD can possibly enhance the effects of alcohol on your body as a word of caution, it can simultaneously have positive effects as well. One such effect is that CBD may protect against cell damage that is caused by consuming alcohol. In this case, the positive benefits of CBD help to outweigh the negative effects of consuming alcoholic beverages. CBD has even been found to reduce the BAC or blood alcohol concentration levels in your system when consumed when enjoying a cocktail of choice. This study found that in comparison to taking a placebo, those that consumed CBD with alcoholic beverages had “significantly lower blood alcohol levels.”

Further analysis of the effects of alcohol and CBD on the body go beyond immediate effects, suggesting even prolonged impact. In this study, cannabis “has been reported to function as an antioxidant” and also “protect the liver from alcohol-generated oxidative stress-induced steatosis.” Overall, CBD has been found to reduce inflammation throughout the body, as an anti-inflammatory molecule, which has the ability to “block the progression of arthritis, type 1 diabetes,” and more.

Other studies show that “CBD protects against alcohol-induced cell damage and reduces blood alcohol concentration and addiction and withdrawal symptoms.”
In this study, results found that CBD could be used for treating alcohol-induced neurodegeneration. More specifically, cannabidiol can reduce the possibility of neurodegeneration caused by alcohol. This study shows that CBD was found to reduce inflammation and even potentially protect against obesity and other metabolic disorders, fatty liver disease, and prediabetes.


The effects of CBD has also been studied in relation to addiction and withdrawal disorders and symptoms. In this study, “CBD was found to exert a neuroprotective effect against adverse alcohol consequences,” and can even help prevent further drug abuse.

In relation to other substances, tobacco use has been an area of concern due to the extreme addictiveness of nicotine. This study found that in lieu of smoking, participants who inhaled CBD at the onset of a tobacco craving reduced the number of average cigarettes they would typically smoke by 40% during the course of the treatment.

Overall, studies show promising results in the realm if CBD, it’s effects, and use as a form of treatment for several ailments or even everyday use. Of course it’s important to take caution when consuming any alcoholic beverages or CBD, but if you do, try pairing our mint or orange CBD with your favorite cocktail to enjoy your beverage guilt-free.


*The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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