CBD & Inflammation

 Inflammation in the body can cause joint pain, minor aches, and many other reactions. More recently, several studies have monitored the use of CBD as an active form of treatment.


This study found that CBD was able to reduce pain from arthritis induced inflammation. For this research, there were no negative side effects of using CBD unlike many prescription drugs. CBD was applied topically, or via  transdermal application where CBD could reach the bloodstream through the skin, and “significantly reduced joint swelling...and spontaneous pain.”

The results of this study reported that, “CBD has a wide spectrum of biological activity, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.”

CBD has even been shown to treat and reduce inflammation caused by arthritis. “CBD is the major non psychoactive component of the cannabis plant and its protective effect has been shown in murine collagen-induced arthritis. In this study, the authors showed that daily oral (5 mg/kg) or intraperitoneal (25 mg/kg) administration of CBD inhibited disease progression.” All of these studies are very promising for the future of CBD as a preferred method of treatment.


Our backed by science CBD contains additional properties paired with CBD that provide a boost of benefits. Natural curcumin, found in the turmeric plant, can help alleviate aches and pains caused by inflammation according to several sources. This study found that curcumin, “may also help in the management of exercise-induced inflammation and muscle soreness, thus enhancing recovery and performance in active people.”

Paired with our water-soluble CBD, the added curcumin is up to 200 times more bioavailable in this nanoemulsion form than in standard oil form. You can find curcumin in our CBD Herbal Supplement with Curcumin.

Eucalyptus leaf oil,“has been reported effective in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation,” according to this study. Inflammation that causes joint pain could also be relieved by topicals containing eucalyptus extract. Additional “clinical studies have confirmed that CBD reduces the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines,” or small proteins from cells in the immune system to complete the beneficial entourage effect with added eucalyptus leaf oil. You can find eucalyptus in our CBD Relief Gel.

Lastly, our broad-spectrum softgels are made with nanoemulsion technology where hemp oil is made water-soluble in an oil-in-water nanoemulsion process. In comparison to standard CBD oils, this form is more bioavailable and easily absorbed in your system, by up to 6 times more in fact. The smaller the molecule, the greater the surface area cannabinoids are able to cover and more easily absorb into the bloodstream. According to the studies above, the synergy of the botanicals with CBD can help address inflammation in the body.

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