Gelatin vs. Veggie Capsules & CBD

 Currently there are two main types of capsules for supplements. They are gelatin (bovine-based) or HPMC (also called hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, and veggie-based). More specifically, according to the Supplement Factory, gelatin capsules come in two forms including soft gelatin capsules for liquids, and hard capsules used for solid or powdered filled supplement capsules.


These capsules are made with chemically created polymer cellulose and do not contain any animal byproducts, however the compounds are synthetically created in a laboratory. The cellulose is derived from plants. The benefits of this form of capsules are that it helps mask the taste of the ingredients inside of the capsule (think fish oil) and is resistant to heat and humidity, to help protect the longevity of the pills. This gives veggie capsules a longer shelf life.

The gelatin used for bovine capsules generally comes from beef or pork, a powdered form of collagen. It is added with water and glycerine to act as a binding agent. Since this form of capsules is completely natural, it is considered non-allergic and GMO-free, unlike chemically created compounds for veggie capsules. Gelatin capsules also have increased bioavailability, which means that the ingredients within the capsule are more readily absorbed into the body once ingested. The capsules can even allow the contents to reach your digestive system, which is especially important if it contains CBD and other natural plant compounds. Since the softgel, gelatin-based exterior absorbs quickly, it allows the contents to be easily absorbed and dispersed throughout your digestive system instead of your stomach. Another benefit of these capsules is that it also helps mask the taste of the ingredients inside of the capsule. The gelatin itself also contains several beneficial effects including improvements in your skin’s elasticity for wrinkles and aging, and it helps to support joint health.

At mille, our line of three different types of softgels are made with bovine gelatin capsules, to help ensure that more of the CBD and natural plant substances reach your bloodstream and targeted areas to help improve your overall wellness. Our softgels are unique because our CBD oil contents are water-soluble and nano-sized, so up to 80% of its dosage reaches your bloodstream. The softgel releases the CBD throughout the intestinal tract instead of the stomach. In most cases, softgels that release after ingestion in the stomach only deliver 10% of the actual CBD dosage. If 70% more is able to reach your bloodstream, it can more easily support and repair your body. Learn more about our three varieties of softgels here.


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