Self-Care During The Holidays


Even during the cooler months it is important to protect your skin from the sun and outdoor elements, especially dryer air. Millie’s Hemp Hyaluronic Moisturizer helps the skin retain that much needed moisture, in addition to protecting against UV rays. A combination of vitamins and natural ingredients like jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E help mimic your body’s natural protective mechanisms in the most natural form possible. Added ingredient sodium hyaluronate helps your skin retain moisture even faster than commonly used hyaluronic acid, found in many skincare products on shelves today. To learn more about the specific ingredients and how this product can help with sun damage and oxidative stress, please read more here.


To keep your workout routine going strong throughout the holiday season it is important to keep your muscles and joints functioning smoothly, and as pain free as possible. This study found that CBD was able to reduce pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, stressing that it has no negative side effects like those found in prescription drugs. The study of transdermal application, meaning the application and absorption through the skin, found that topical CBD, “significantly reduced joint swelling...and spontaneous pain.”

Many have found the CBD Relief Gel to be an effective form of treatment to help maintain an active lifestyle. The soothing benefits of the menthol based gel can provide relief to common aches and pains. This study shows that CBD applied topically can reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis and other chronic pain. In addition to the topical relief gel, this study found “a correlative anti inflammatory and anti-pain dose-response could be achieved when applied either intraperitoneally or orally.”


This article discusses the calming effects of CBD, as “users report CBD gives them a calmer demeanor that helps keep their head ‘less busy’ to help them slow down and better prioritize tasks.” Calming the mind can lead to increased productivity and lower levels of anxiety. In this study, it found that “one of the most common anxiety conditions is associated with impairment in social adjustment to the usual aspects of daily life” or the anxiety created from social interactions. Considering the anxiety created from anything from an important work meeting to a lack of social distancing during this season, researchers said that, “a single dose of CBD can reduce the anxiety-enhancing effect.”

This type of stress can become overwhelming during the holiday season, trying to balance personal and work life, and let’s not forget to add finding the perfect holiday gifts to the list. A good way to return your body back to its healthy functionality is a daily dose of CBD.  Our millie CBD Herbal Supplement capsules contain our proprietary water soluble phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, which provides a higher level of bioavailability, where CBD is more readily absorbed into the body.  

*The statements made in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any products recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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