Top 5 Professional Athletes Advocating CBD Oil

CBD is a new hemp supplement working wonders in the sports world. Find out why more athletes, trainers, and fitness pros are choosing CBD for faster recovery and learn how it could optimize your own athletic potential today!

CBD is a non-intoxicating substance with powerful anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving properties that can help athletes relax deeper and recover faster.

In 2018, the World-Anti Doping Agency removed CBD or cannabidiol, from its List of Prohibited Substances. Since then an entire new world has opened up for competitive athletes and fitness professionals looking for safer alternatives and effective relief.

In this article, we’re bringing you the top professional sports celebrities that say CBD has changed their lives! Hear their stories and find out why more athletes everywhere are turning to CBD for better recovery and relief.

NFL’s Kyle Turley

10-year NFL veteran Kyle Turley knows first hand what 100 plus concussions can do to the brain. The former offensive linemen retired at the age of 29, forced out by a series of health problems related to brain trauma.

Doctors told him he had CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a common brain disorder in football players and professional athletes caused by excessive head injuries. CTE causes severe inflammation in the brain’s tissues, which leads to dysfunction and illness.

According to Kyle, CBD saved his life. He says that, until he discovered CBD he struggled with pharmaceutical addiction, violent thoughts, and suicidal tendencies.

Turley went on to found the “Gridiron Cannabis Coalition”, where he uses his story, and those of other players, to advocate dialogue and discussion around CBD oil and cannabis.


NHL’s Riley Cote

In 2010, Riley Cote was the forward enforcer for the Philadelphia Flyers, something he had dreamt of achieving since he was a kid growing up in Winnipeg.

Yet he says he was absolutely miserable. In interviews, he referred to himself as an – overweight NHL enforcer, suffering from anxiety and partially dependent on alcohol and pharmaceuticals.

“You can imagine going to bed at night, knowing you were going to fight Donald Brashear or George Laraque, or some of these (guys) floating around when I was still playing,” said Cote, who was in the NHL from 2007 to 2010.

“Mentally preparing to fight every night, whether I fought or not, it was the chronic anxiety…. It really wasn’t me, it was something I had to do.”

It was then, in 2010, where Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren saw Cote struggling with pain, anxiety, and addiction. He offered him the chance to retire and take a job as an assistant coach in the minor leagues. Cote took the chance to turn his life towards a new path.

As an assistant coach, Riley developed an interest in wellness and alternative medicine, eventually leading him to discover CBD. Now, Cote uses every chance he can to leverage his sports fame to promote CBD to other NHL athletes old and young.

He says, “The younger players want CBD because the old model of opioids and prescriptions drugs is outdated and broken. Guys don’t want to be sucked into that … they’ve seen players go down that dark path.”


UFC’s Nate Diaz & Yair Rodriguez

If anyone knows the meaning of the old adage “no pain, no gain”, it’s UFC fighters. One UFC fighter that reportedly uses CBD is Yair Rodriguez who says he uses it to speed up recovery time between training sessions.

Rodriguez holds a 10-2-0 record in MMA fighting, is a Taekwondo black belt, and won the featherweight title fight on The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America.

Known in the ring as, Pantera, Rodriguez claims that CBD helps him through hard training routines to sleep better, improving his in fighting stamina and performance.

Another well-known fighter in the UFC, Nate Diaz, openly vaped CBD oil post-fight at a press conference once after losing to Connor McGregor. Talk about needing fast-acting anti-inflammation and pain relief!


Professional Climber Lisa Chulich

Among just some of Lisa Chulich’s many accolades are being a member of the USA Rock Climbing Team, a competitive beach volleyball player, surfer, and fitness model and instructor.

“I can’t remember not being able to do a handstand. Or the first time I climbed a tree. Growing up playing in the woods and competing as a gymnast, I have always been curious and driven to accomplish new skills.”

Out of the Pacific Northwest, Chulich says she uses CBD topically on her finger joints and tendons to reduce the stress and inflammation after tough days climbing, training, surfing, or whatever she’s doing that day.

All types of athletes and fitness professionals you can think of are switching to and advocating for the use of CBD. From golfers to swimmers, endurance runners, triathlon competitors, and more, CBD is taking the sports world by storm!

Here are even more sports stars and fitness pros on a growing list currently advocating the use of CBD for athletes –

  • Professional Golfer Scott Piercy
  • PGA Champions Member Scott McCarron
  • NFL stars Marvin Washington and Leonard Marshall
  • Competitive Surfer Mason Ho
  • Mountain Biker Teal Stetson-Lee
  • Olympic Medalist Devin Logan
  • Former NBA star Lamar Odom


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