Top Reasons Cyclists Use CBD

CBD is taking the world by storm, but is this supplement actually effective - and is it even safe? CBD isn’t just a placebo effect and it’s not the next doping craze among athletes either.

It’s an all-natural extract from the Hemp plant, cannabis’ non-psychoactive cousin. Thanks to breakthrough conformational scientific research, all types of athletes are using it more than ever before.

This article breaks down the main reasons why high-performance athletes such as competitive cyclists are choosing CBD over other, toxic alternatives.

Learn all about this incredibly powerful supplement that can help you relax into a speedy recovery, boost your body’s performance potential, all while protecting your health.


CBD for Cyclists

Before we explain how CBD helps to enhance athletic potential, let us introduce this powerful compound and briefly explain what is and where it comes from.

CBD is short for cannabidiol and it’s just one of over a hundred and twenty different compounds found naturally in Hemp. The compound is synthesized within mature Hemp flowers and extracted to create a potent herbal extract.

The resinous, concentrated CBD Hemp extract is typically diluted into carrier oils such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil and used to manufacture various types of consumer products including tinctures, capsules, and topical formulations


Does CBD make you feel stoned or high? CBD is non-psychoactive, and it won’t cause any of the unwanted side effects associated with using marijuana such as cognitive impairment, hallucinations, or dysphoria. 

Is CBD aperformance-enhancing drug”? Yes, but it’s not dope! CBD doesn’t unnaturally enhance athletic performance like other substances, but rather, as you’ll soon discover, it naturally boosts the body’s innate athletic potential through a number of beneficial mechanisms.

CBD is non-toxic and you cannot “overdose” on cannabidoil, however, you’ll likely only need a little bit as this stuff is concentrated into potent formulations!


Anti-inflammatory Properties of CBD

Inflammation is a killer. It’s a much-needed biological mechanism, but too much of it will hinder athletic performance, healthy recovery, and can cause serious health problems. Every athlete knows that managing post-performance inflammation is key. 

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are among its most well researched and also one of the main reasons more cyclists are choosing to use this new Hemp-derived supplement.

Confirmed by scientific research, CBD reduces inflammation all over the body, including in the muscles, nerves, gut, and brain.


CBD & Pain Relief

Cyclists love their sport and can’t live without all the great benefits it gives to their mind and body! However, they could do without the inevitable pain that comes along with regular competitive training, performance, and adventuring.

Pain is a normal and necessary part of being alive, but every cyclist knows that pain-management is a must in order to be able to keep riding.

CBD may reduce pain through acting on inflammation. Unlike other NSAID drugs, studies have not shown CBD to have certain detrimental effects on stomach and GI health, including significantly increased risks for developing bleeding ulcers, kidney and liver damage, stroke, and heart attack.


CBD & Opioids

Furthermore, while opioid-based pain medicines are needed in many cases, I think we all know that it’s time to search for safer options. That’s where CBD comes in! 

CBD’s scientifically validated analgesic properties are among the top reasons more pro cyclists are using it to remedy chronic pain related to training, injury, and inflammatory conditions.

What’s even greater is that CBD has been shown to synergize the effect of opioids. Studies suggest that CBD might help reduce the amount of opioids needed. Scientific findings also indicate CBD has the potential to alleviate certain types of pain that opioids cannot, such as neuropathic and phantom pains, or even migraines and headaches. 


Anti-Oxidant & Neuroprotectant of CBD

Competitive adventure athletes know that the mind is just as important as the body when it comes to performance. If the brain isn’t functioning properly it can throw you off your game hardcore!

Many factors can influence our mindset and mentality, but none more than the balance of our brain chemistry. Daily life and stress-related anxiety take a toll on our brain’s functioning or cognitive abilities, but it doesn’t mean they have to affect health and performance!

CBD has incredible, scientifically studied applications regarding it’s anti-anxiety and anti-depressant-like effects as well as anti-oxidant and neuroprotective properties.

In short, that means CBD has the potential to protect your brain from the harmful effects associated with chronic stress, fatigue, anxiety, and more!

Using CBD means protecting cells from oxidative stress, especially your brain cells! It doesn’t just help you to manage stress and its harm on cognition and performance though.

CBD actually relaxes the physiological stress responses, improving the brain’s functional abilities, protecting cell vitality, and ultimately enhancing both the body and mind’s athletic potential.


CBD Roll-Ons and Relief Gels Relax Muscles

Stiff, achy muscles making it harder and harder to keep riding regularly? Cramps got you all tied up in knots? Beyond pain-relieving anti-inflammatory properties, cannabidiol has also been shown to have incredible benefits on muscles.

CBD is an amazing natural muscle relaxer that can improve performance recovery time letting you get back on the bike faster and with more power than before.

It’s scientifically demonstrated muscle-relaxing power is proving to be a life-save for many living with muscle and nerve-related health conditions. Many people who are taking CBD say that it helps reduce the stiffness, spasms, and soreness in their muscles.

This beneficial property is among its most cherished therapeutic benefits, and for cyclists looking to find safer methods of recovering faster and going harder; CBD is a definite game changer!


Sleep Quality & CBD

Are fatigue and lack of high-quality rest or sleep keeping you from achieving your optimal athletic potential? Are you unable to achieve adequate rest because of anxiety or pain?

Some of the most powerful benefits of CBD include its ability to potentially improve the time it takes to fall asleep as well as increase the time spent in REM sleep.

Of course, everyone reacts a little differently to CBD, but typically people report feeling a powerful and natural calming sensation that can bring about much-needed sensation sleepiness or drowsiness, followed by a great nap or sleep.

People taking CBD report they wake up from sleep feeling substantially better rested than before as if they’d finally gotten a deep-sleep they hadn’t felt in years. Studies show CBD may improve the quality of sleep and even reduce waking up in the middle of the night.

Many different factors can keep us awake at night, but mostly its stress-related anxiety or pain that prevents us from truly resting well. Lucky for us, CBD has been shown to have benefits that may help manage many of these issues.


Learn More About CBD

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