Why The Pros Use CBD


A Colorado local cyclocross racer, Jake Wells is a U.S. cyclocross national championship title holder for both the Masters 40-45 and Singlespeed amateur categories. Focusing more on gravel and endurance events, and even as a trainer, Jake stresses the importance of joint mobility.

In regards to CBD use he stated, “These days, It seems like everyone’s jumping on the CBD bandwagon, and with so many options out there, what differentiates one brand from the next? I’ve teamed up with Millie CBD for two reasons. All of their hemp products are grown and processed right here in Colorado and the quality is second to none. In a world of CBD Products Millie stands alone.”

You can follow Jake on Instagram at @iamjakewells or listen to the latest episode of his Find Your FÔRM Podcast here.


Legendary pro skier, Chris Anthony is a 2018 Colorado Snowsports Hall of Fame Inductee and veteran of 9 World Extreme Skiing Championships. He also filmed with several outdoor adventure and sports production companies in countries around the world including Ecuador, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Norway. His active lifestyle keeps him always on the go.

Chris stated, “I think I found a bit of magic in the CBD patch.” The patch adheres to the skin and slowly releases CBD for several days, allowing users to feel the benefits of CBD without having to worry about taking it daily.


Working as a sport performance and football coach, Brian Kula or “Coach Kula” has worked with thousands of athletes throughout the years from over 25 universities across the country. He is in the UNC Hall of Fame and coached multiple National Champions, All-Americans, Gatorade Players of the Year, and State Champions. As a Certified NCSA Strength + Conditioning Specialist, he founded the “Advanced Training System” in 2002, which serves youth, college, and professional athletes.

Millie products can help these athletes feel their best and optimize their performance. From softgels with added curcumin to fight inflammation, to  pain relief gel for achy joints, to the CBD patch that works effectively to provide at least 36 hours of relief, there is a product for every athlete’s need and preference.


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