cbd patch in package pcr hemp oil product
pack of cbd patches pcr hemp oil product
pack of cbd patches pcr hemp oil derived
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CBD Patch

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soothing hemp-infused topical patch

Easy to use anywhere and anytime as an alternative to vaping, tinctures or soft gels, our topical patches each contain 40mg of CBD and provide up to 36 hours of relief. 

Use this CBD patch whenever you want a THC-free alternative to CBD pills, powders, tinctures, and other remedies.


Suggested Use

Place on clean, dry, affected area. Press and hold for 5 seconds. Use daily for up to 36 hours. Individual results may vary. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.



40mg CBD, soybean lecithin, isopropyl palmitate, sorbic acid




What is the best way to get my patch out of the envelope?

Make sure you tear the envelope completely open before removing the patch. They can sometimes get stuck in the envelope depending on storage conditions so make sure you open it the envelope wide enough to pull the patch out without damaging it.


What is the best way to apply the patch?

Be careful pulling the patch off the backing so that it doesn’t get stuck to  itself. It Is really flexible to conform to you body but can get stuck to itself I you don’t handle it carefully. It is also highly recommended that you apply it to a dry, hairless place on your body. They are sticky to stay attached through washing, swimming and strenuous activities, but that also means they can stick to body hair and be uncomfortable to remove.


How long can I wear the patch? Can I but them back on the same place?

We recommend 36 hours, but if your skin tolerates the patch we know people wear them for 3-4 days at times so see what works best for you. We also recommend moving the patch around to different parts of the body to avoid getting any skin irritation.


The patch leaves a mark around the edges when I take it off…what do I do?

The patch is sticky to stay on during bathing, swimming, and sweaty/strenuous activity. This does mean it can leave some residue around the edges where lint, fuzz, etc…gets stuck. We recommend just rubbing it off with soap and water.

Tips and Tricks for millie CBD patches

- Remember that the patches are thin, flexible and sticky to stay well on your skin during use, but this means you need to be careful handling them before they are applied to your skin.

- Make sure you tear the envelope wide open and carefully remove the patch. They are sticky and you don’t want to get the patch stuck to itself as you pull it out!

- Apply to a dry, hairless place. They are STICKY to stay on during bathing, swimming and sweaty/strenuous exercise which means they can hurt when removed on top of body hair!

- Rotate patches around (left shoulder then right shoulder) as you use them to help avoid any skin irritation.

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