Hemp Plant
At millie, we believe that we are entering a new era of health and wellness where natural products are creating incredible results for people. Cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBG, other non-THC cannabinoids, and naturally occurring terpenes will be leading this charge with their positive characteristics including helping to control inflammation. These naturally occurring compounds can produce great results for individuals and have a positive impact on their health, wellness, and happiness.

We have built a broad product portfolio that is constantly evolving. We have innovative products in skin care, tinctures, wellness supplements, and topical treatments providing different ways of fitting these exciting cannabinoids into your daily life.

We also realize it’s hard to know what you are getting in the world of “CBD Products” that are popping up everywhere. How is it grown? Is it fully tested and do they have QR codes to see the quality documentation? Is it isolate, broad spectrum, or full spectrum? Is it THC free? Is it bioavailable and absorbable by my body? millie wants to be your trusted partner in providing the best, highest quality, most trusted products in the CBD/Hemp industry.

The best products begin with the best ingredients. It’s pretty simple and not all hemp oil is equal and not all CBD is the same. We have chosen the best growers and processors to make sure that you have the best hemp oil without THC. Most of our products are built with our 'broad spectrum' philosophy make sure you get not only CBD, but a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes while still remaining THC Free.

The entourage effect is real and beneficial for your health, wellness, and happiness!

Welcome to the millie family!